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Kevin SL Wong @ Begleitung Coaching
Kevin SL Wong
Freelance Product Coach / Communications Coach

Product Success
= profound understanding
+ effective communications

Want to build a strong product culture in your company?
Want to get more effective at leadership?
Want some guidance how to build a successful product/team as a founder?

If so, you can get help from a product leadership coach.
I am here to promote habits that bring teamwork and common understanding.

What I do

I help product managers and teams become more effective.

Communication is key.

Let’s imagine what a happy and productive team looks like. There is clear alignment on where the team is heading. Everyone is motivated. Each member understands how their work has an impact on end users. The team works in small, iterative steps and learns together along the way. Everyone is open to honest feedback. Only one thing is missing—donuts for celebration!

Managing a team and delivering successful products is challenging. I went through it myself as a product manager for 7 years. The role required me to lead teams without formal authorities.

My mission is to help managers and teams become more effective. Knowledge is important, practice is key. In particular, I notice how we communicate has a great deal of impact in lots of areas. I help my clients communicate in a way that is motivating. This includes speaking up honestly in a respectful manner.


I struggled a lot with the same issues, and I would love to share how I overcame them! Begleitung is a German word, for being in company with each other. Let’s work together, struggle together, and get better together.

Before becoming a coach, I worked as a data scientist for 7 years, and then a product manager for another 7 years, in various German startups like Zalando, Fyber, OLX Group and HomeToGo.

Since 2016, I have been invited to coach students on communication skills  at Data Science Retreat, a bootcamp in Berlin that grows data scientists. Recently, I was also invited by HoustonNVC to be part of their trainer network. NVC stands for NonViolent Communication. We aim to equip people with the skills to handle conflicts better, by making small changes to how we speak.

Kevin Wong, guest speaker on product management at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence (GCAAI)

Based in Berlin, available everywhere via remote work.

Whatever it takes to help you and your team grow.

One-on-one Coaching

Product Team Coaching

In-house training

Workshops & Seminars


What Clients Are Saying

Zaid picture
““You don’t know what you don’t know”. Kevin gave me a different point of view. With his help, I was able to recognize where I could improve myself. As a Data Scientist, Kevin earns my highest recommendation for communication coach.””


Gregory Vial picture
“Kevin has been teaching me how to improve my public talks. I enjoyed Kevin’s contagious energy and good mood, his attention to details and valuable advices that did help me make a difference in the way I deliver talks.”


Want to work with me? I’ll be super excited!